I think most people would agree that when you order a curry, a piece of delicious Naan bread (or two!) is a delicious (and very necessary) accompaniment.

For many, plain Naan is the way to go when it comes to mopping up those mouth watering Masalas. However Peshwari Naan is also a very popular choice for those craving something a little bit different…

Picture Credit: Pukaar News

Peshwari is a sweeter type of naan, which gets its sweetness from ingredients like coconut, sultanas and other sweet fruits. Compared to other varieties, it’s typically much fluffier and sometimes consumed as a breakfast treat.

It originates from the Pakistani city of Peshawar, which was part of India before the partition in 1947.

Since its introduction, it has gone on to garner worldwide fame and has cult status in western countries like the UK.

When it comes to spicier curries, Peshwari Naan is the perfect side dish – serving as a great contrast and balancing out the flavours, according to Chef Arbinder Singh Dugal, Masterchef 2019 and Roux Scholarship Finalist.

Picture Credit: Arbinder Singh Dugal

“Because it’s a bit more on the sweeter side, it goes perfectly well with a lot of curries like the Naharis,” he tells us.

“It helps to balance out a bit of the spiciness in the curries and this is the main reason why people choose to have it. Behind the plain variety, it one of the most popular sub-varieties on Naan.”

So, if you’re someone who’s never strayed from the tasty original, maybe you could give Peshwari Naan a try next time you’re at your favourite curry house? (And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, maybe even a spicier curry?!)

You know what they say; nothing ventured, nothing gained and this is well worth going out of your comfort zone for!