What are the Leicestershire Curry Awards?

The Leicestershire Curry Awards began in 2017 as a venture to appreciate the commitment of our City & County’s best restaurants to mastering the flavours of South Asian curry. With over 35 restaurants competing every year, the Leicestershire Curry awards have scoured the city & county in search of culinary excellence in seven categories including fine dining, street food, pubs and takeaways. 

Why should restaurants and takeaways participate?

For the last six years, the Leicestershire Curry Awards have been met with much love, warmth and enthusiasm from beyond Leicester. It has attracted media attention from ITV, BBC Radio, Leicester Mercury and The Asian Today. Winners in the past have reported a 20% growth in business after being crowned the fan favourites of a curry-loving public. Even participation can guarantee an increase in business exposure, publicity and brand awareness. Not to mention, you get the honour of being considered one of the best curry-making houses in Leicestershire – the land of curries! 

What are the categories?

  • Restaurant of the Year (City & County)
  • Best Fine Dining Restaurant (City & County)
  • Best Takeaway (City & County)
  • Best Pub Restaurant (City)
  • Best New Restaurant (City)
  • Best Vegetarian Restaurant (City)
  • Best Street Food (City)
  • Best Catering (City)

How can restaurants/takeaways participate?

Simply contact us and we will send all the necessary marketing materials to adequately prepare you for when nominations open. 

When will the nominations open?

We will announce this closer to the time, keep an eye on our website for the updated.

How do nominations work?

Participating restaurants and takeaways simply request their visitors to go on to our nominations’ website and fill in the details. It’s that simple!

How many finalists will there be?

There will be 5 finalists per category, chosen by the public through the nomination process.

How are the winners chosen?

There will be 1 winner per category. 50% of the decision would be made through public nominations and the rest would be based on the verdict of a mystery panel of judges, who would visit each finalist to taste their food and experience the service.

When will the awards take place?

The awards ceremony will take place on Monday, 23rd September 2024 at Athena from 6 pm onwards.