Pleased to introduce our new strategic partner for the 7th annual Leicestershire Curry Awards.

PPL PRS – the UK’s music licensing company have agreed to come on board for 2024.

The company, which is based in Leicester’s Mercury Place, issues licences to businesses and venues who wish to play live or recorded music in public – ensuring that they are legally covered to do so.

Previously, businesses and organisations had to obtain separate music licences from PPL and PRS for Music. However, they joined forces in 2018 to launch TheMusicLicence.

As well as permitting business owners to play music at their venues, this license also ensures that those who are involved in creating music, are paid fairly for their hard work and talent.

All music licence fees collected go back to PPL and PRS for Music who then process, allocate and distribute royalties to the music creators they represent; over 130,000 performers and recording rights-holders, together with over 160,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers.

Andrea Gray, Managing Director of PPL PRS said that the company were “absolutely delighted” to be partnering up with Pukaar for this year’s Leicestershire Curry Awards.

“Supporting local businesses and organisations has always been high on our agenda. The Curry Awards are such a huge part of the business community here in Leicestershire and we want to help ensure they continue to thrive and grow,” she added.

“We look forward to working with Ravi and his team throughout 2024.”